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Electrical energy is generally measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). If a solar panel produces 100 watts for 1 hour, it has produced 100 watt-hours or 0.1 kWh.
The amount of energy produced per day will depend on the area, shading, orientation, and watt-class of the panel.
In areas with high irradiation, a properly oriented panel that produces 100 Watts at noon on a sunny day will produce an average of about 0.5 kWh/day during the winter and 0.8 kWh/day during the summer months.
In an area with low irradiation, the same panel will still produce about 0.25 kWh/day during the winter and 0.6 kWh/day during summer months. An effective orientation for a solar panel installation is 100 percent south, at an angle of 10-20°.

There are several standard measurements to describe a solar panel installation

The Watt measures the rate of energy conversion and it is the main unit of power used in photovoltaics.
1 kilowatt (kW) 1000 watts
1 megawatt (MW) 1000 kW or 1000000 watts
1 gigawatt (GW) 1000 MW or 1000000000 watts
1 Terrawatt (TW) 1000 GW or 1000000000000 watts
Wp P = peak (peak-performance of a module)
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